Megan Fraser is an artist and author with four solo exhibitions to her name, as well as numerous group exhibitions.

With a Bachelor of Arts in Design from Curtin University, Megan also runs art and design business, Priestess Moon Design (founded 2000), specialising in bespoke artworks and handmade spells. She is the author of two books.

"My work is designed to bring moments of fun and enchantment to busy lives."

Megan works with universal symbols, bringing them into a modern context and adding her own ideas and insights. Many of her artworks incorporate gold leaf in an application method surviving since ancient Egyptian times.

"My artworks contain special symbols that act as tools to evoke certain qualities for the owner of the painting, such as peace, protection or prosperity. Often, the paintings come with a specially made spell kit"

Treasured by adults and children alike, Megan's pieces are renowned as colourful, decorative and highly symbolic, created to bring a sense of joyfulness and whimsy to the viewer.

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Priestess Moon Design
PO Box 231 Darlington
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SpellBook : Priestess Moon’s Magickal Cocktails & Spells ($25.00 + postage)

Come on a journey with Priestess Moon as she reveals delicious magickal cocktails and spells to craft using commonplace kitchen ingredients.

Together with the artworks, these recipes provide a point of focus designed to help manifest the following qualities into your life;
Wealth, Wishes, Happiness, Prosperity, Good Fortune, Protection, Healing, Fertility, Wisdom and Abundance.

Choose a recipe for a quality you would like to ‘cook up’ in your life, and enjoy an escape into the magickal realm.


"I received and actioned one of the spells I procured from Priestess Moon earlier this year to help us along.

Many omens later and unexpected outcome; I'm travelling abroad to catch up with friends! Most importantly the money manifested to making this whole experience a huge miracle.

I believe Priestess Moon's spell attributed to, along with other factors making this a reality. Happy times ahead."

Bespoke Artworks


If you are interested in a one of a kind painting and have some ideas, please contact me to discuss.

You may have a particular Goddess/Archetype you resonate with, and want an original artwork that represents them. My past commissions have included The Lady of Avalon, Isis, Scarab Beetles, Herb/Healing Priestesses, The Fairy of Spring, Mermaids, Phoenixes and even a Magic Mushroom Mandala!

I do preliminary sketches for your appraisal. It's a creative collaboration, with your input being an important part of the process. Even if you don't have an idea to begin with, we can work together to create the perfect artwork for you.

Commission for a Wedding Invitation

Greeting Cards ($4.50 each + postage)

The Wheel Of The Year.

Yule Yule
Imbolc Imbolc
Ostara Ostara
Beltane Beltane
Litha Litha
Lammas Lammas
Mabon Mabon
Samhain Samhain
Esbat Esbat

Gift Packs ($35.00 + postage)

Includes all nine greeting card designs & ideas for rituals to perform on festival days.


These playful cards celebrate the natural cycles of life: the Solstices, Equinoxes & the 4 Celtic Cross Quarter Days.

There is also a card to celebrate the Full Moon (Esbat).

Northern and Southern Hemisphere dates for each festival are printed on the back of each card.


  • Size: 140mm x 140mm
  • White envelopes
  • Textured, matt card, blank inside


Includes an explanation for the Celtic myth behind each celebration.

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